Led by the chief executive officer, the operational divisions deliver the ongoing regulation of confined feeding operations under the Agricultural Operation Practices Act and provide scientific, technical and corporate support for the Board. Operations also develops policy and programs to support delivery of the act through consultation with the Policy Advisory Group, a multi-stakeholder advisory body with representation from the livestock industry, rural and urban municipalities, the environmental non-government sector, and government.

Corporate Services

Provides financial management and human resource services, and manages the NRCB’s third-party contract for information technology (IT) support services.

Field Services

Provides regulatory services under the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA). Reviews and issues decisions on permit applications, responds to complaints and ensures compliance with the act and conditions attached to permits. Approval officers and inspectors work out of the NRCB’s three field offices. 

Chief Legal Officer - Operations

Represents the operational divisions of the board, administers requests for information under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), and provides field staff with legal advice regarding their interpretation of the Agricultural Operation Practices Act and its regulations .

Science and Technology

Provides scientific and technical support for ongoing regulatory functions under the Agricultural Operation Practices Act. Also provides scientific and technical support for the review of environmental impact assessments and for evidence filed during Board review hearings of major natural resource development projects under the Natural Resources Conservation Board Act.