Part 2 Application

The Part 2 application provides the technical details that address the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA) requirements. This information allows an approval officer to determine that the application can meet the requirements of the act. The complete document also forms part of the public record. If an operator makes commitments in their application that exceed the requirements of AOPA, the commitments must be adhered to and may be written into the final permit.

The completed Part 2 application is provided to the local municipality and referral agencies to respond to, and is posted on this website until the deadline for statements of concern. Members of the public may also ask to view the Part 2 application by contacting an NRCB field office. After the approval officer's decision is issued, the application remains publicly accessible through the CFO Search on this site.

The approval officer’s decision is based on the information provided in the application, the requirements of the act, and any environmental, social, or economic concerns raised by directly affected parties or referral agencies. Approval officers may also request experts in the NRCB's science and technology division to review technical aspects of the application.

The Part 2 application must be submitted within six months of submitting Part 1. The applicant may request an extension of up to an additional six months. If the applicant does not request the extension and fails to submit the Part 2 within the required six months, the applicant must resubmit the Part 1. The MDS is recalculated on the date the new Part 1 is submitted.

Applicants who may need more time to provide the necessary information should discuss their request with the approval officer as soon as possible.

The completed Part 2 application must be submitted to the nearest NRCB field office.

Part 2 applications