NRCB provisions for confined feeding of cow-calf herds during drought conditions

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Mandate & Governance

Vision, Mission, & Values

Vision: to be a respected decision-maker, exemplifying integrity and foresight in the best interests of Alberta.

Mission: as a quasi-judicial and regulatory agency, the NRCB makes impartial and knowledge-based decisions across two distinct mandates:

  • Under the Natural Resources Conservation Board Act, the NRCB decides if natural resource projects are in the public interest, considering social, environmental and economic effects, and
  • Under the Agricultural Operation Practices Act, the NRCB fulfills applications and compliance responsibilities, administers and advances policies, and conducts Board reviews for confined feeding operations.
  • Values: in achieving our mission, we honour the NRCB's core values of integrity, fairness, respect, excellence and service.


The NRCB reports to the Minister of Environment and Protected Areas. Its financial statements are reported in the ministry annual report.

The NRCB works closely with municipal, provincial, and federal regulators. Memorandums of understanding with Alberta Environment and Protected Areas and Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation address NRCB responsibilities under AOPA, the management of surface water issues at confined feeding operations, and responsibilities for the disposal of dead livestock.

The NRCB also consults regularly with the Policy Advisory Group, a multi-stakeholder advisory body for policy issues related to confined feeding operations. Accountability sessions with Policy Advisory Group members are held every few years to assess the effectiveness of the NRCB’s delivery of its AOPA mandate.

Code of Conduct

The NRCB Code of Conduct is an expression of the NRCB’s intent to uphold the highest ethical standards so that public trust and confidence in the integrity, objectivity, and impartiality of the NRCB are preserved and enhanced. The document has been approved by the Ethics Commissioner.

Expense and Compensation Disclosure

In keeping with Government of Alberta policy and the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, the NRCB discloses expenses of the NRCB chair, Board members, and chief executive officer, and all remuneration, including severance and pension contributions, for its Board members and staff whose earnings were more than the compensation threshold.