Environmental Impact Assessments

The NRCB coordinates with Environment and Parks to establish the joint terms of reference for reviewable projects. The terms of reference set out common information requirements for the Board review and the environmental impact assessment. Environmental impact assessments (EIAs) ensure the applicant has considered cumulative impacts on the environment and community, and has consulted with the affected community.

The environmental impact assessment submitted by the applicant is reviewed by the Board and the NRCB science and technology division staff, Environment and Parks, and other authorities as required by the application. The applicant may be asked to provide supplemental information before the EIA is determined to be complete.

The Board Review is initiated when the Board receives the completed EIA. At that point a notice is issued to advise the public of the application and the review process.

The Board's public interest determination process is initiated when the Board receives the completed environmental impact assessment. The review of the environmental impact assessment is led by Environment and Parks.