Staff Listing


Ph: 403-297-8269

Friend, Laura

Manager, Board Reviews
P: 403-297-8269

Kennedy, Bill

General Counsel
P: 403-297-4304

Roberts, Sandi

Board Member
P: 403-702-3169

Smith, Rich

Board Member
P: 403-305-7069

Woloshyn, Peter

P: 780-422-1628


Ph: 780-422-1977
4th floor, Sterling Place
9940 – 106 Street
Edmonton AB T5K 2N2

Carson, Michael

Environmental Specialist
P: 780-427-7790

Cundliffe, Amanda

Human Resources Consultant
P: 780-422-3313

Dwivedi, Ashleen

Accounting and IT Coordinator
P: 780-644-7983

Gagnon, Sharon

Accounting Assistant
P: 780-644-7799

Harvey, Janet

Senior Communication Specialist
P: 780-422-2908

Hsu, Ben

Manager, Corporate Services
P: 780-422-2833

Lamaitre, Morene

CEO Executive Assistant
P: 780-422-1977

Piorkowski, Greg

Manager Science and Technology
P: 780-422-1950

Royer, Sean

Chief ExecutiveOfficer
P: 780-422-1666

Vance, Fiona

Chief Legal Officer - Operations
P: 780-422-1952


Airdrie Regional Center
97 East Lake Ramp NE
Airdrie, AB T4A 0C3

Grant, Fraser

Senior Inspector
P: 403-506-0728


Ph: 403-381-5166
Agriculture Centre
100, 5401 – 1 Avenue S
Lethbridge AB T1J 4V6

Cumming, Andy

Director, Field Services, Applications
P: 403-381-5838

Kaminski, Sylvia

Website Coordinator / Field Office Administrator
P: 403-381-5166

Miedema, Lynda

Environmental Specialist
P: 403-381-5822

Parker, Jim

P: 403-331-5372

Peddle, Kelsey

Approval Officer
P: 403-381-5416

Puszkar, Denny

P: 403-382-4437

Schindel, Morgan

P: 403-388-3167

Seward, Kevin

Compliance Manager
P: 403-382-4439

Weisbach, Carina

Approval Officer
P: 403-381-5422

Wilson, Cailyn

Approval Officer
P: 403-388-3168


Ph: 780-939-1212
Provincial Building
201, 10008 – 107 Street
Morinville AB T8R 1L3

Shirley, Nathan

Approval Officer
P: 780-939-1493

Taylor, Carolyn

Field Office Administrator
P: 780-939-1212

Thompson, Cathryn

P: 780-939-1179

Red Deer

Ph: 403-340-5241
Provincial Building
303, 4920 – 51 Street
Red Deer AB T4N 6K8

Cunningham, Scott

Environmental Specialist
P: 403-340-7619

Echegaray, Francisco

Senior Approval Officer
P: 403-340-5027

Krenn, Tracey

P: 403-340-7018

Neff, Sarah

Approval Officer
P: 403-340-5795

Powers-Sanford, Crystal

Field Office Administrator
P: 403-340-5241

Smejkal, David

P: 403-340-5525

Stone, Lynn

Approval Officer
P: 403-340-5358