Public Participation

The Board’s mandate under the Natural Resources Conservation Board Act (NRCBA) is to determine whether a natural resource project is in the public interest of Albertans. To do this, the Board considers a project's potential social, economic, and environmental effects.

The Board starts its formal public review process when Environment and Protected Areas deems that the environmental impact assessment (EIA) is complete.

The Board values public participation in its review process. Albertans who are directly affected by a proposed development are encouraged to participate in the process, including the public hearing if one is held. Reviews normally include the participation of community residents, interest groups, government ministries, and municipal authorities as well as applicants.

The Board notifies potentially affected communities by placing notices in local papers in accordance with its rules of practice. All participants can question the evidence put forward by other participants. Individuals or groups who wish to provide relevant evidence about an application for a proposed natural resource project should register with the Board within the timeframe set out in the hearing notice.

Board Review staff are available to help parties understand how to participate effectively in the review process. Individuals or organizations that wish to appear before a review panel should contact Laura Friend, Manager, Board Reviews at 403-297-8269 (toll free 310-0000).

To add your name to an automatic email list for a particular project, go to the project page and sign up for updates. You will receive an automatic notification once a day if documents related to the project review have been added to the website.

For more information, please refer to the guide to participation or contact Board Reviews.