NRCB panel designated for review of Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project

Posted on September 24, 2020 |

Peter Woloshyn, chair of the Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB), has designated the panel for the NRCB public interest review of the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir Project:

  •  Walter Ceroici

    Walter Ceroici has been an acting Board member since 2019. He is currently director of the NRCB Science and Technology division that provides advice to the NRCB in environmental and socio-economic areas to promote sustainable and responsible growth of Alberta’s natural resource developments and confined feeding operations.

    Walter has experience with the NRCB’s quasi-judicial processes and has led policy development in several environmental areas, including risk management and groundwater assessments. Walter has also been involved in numerous provincial and federal committees charged with development of environmental guidelines for soil and water quality. 

    Walter has a Master of Science degree from the University of Waterloo in earth sciences and is a member of APEGA.

  • Daniel Heaney

    Daniel Heaney has been an acting Board member since 2017. Dan has worked for more than 30 years on various aspects of sustainable agriculture including manure management in crop production systems. Over his career Dan has been a member of the academic staff at the University of Alberta and a research leader with Alberta Agriculture as well as holding several senior executive positions in private industry. He has served on various not for profit and corporate boards.

    Dan holds a doctorate in soil science from the University of Alberta as well as designations as a professional agrologist and certified crop advisor. 

  • Sandi Roberts

    Sandi Roberts has been an acting Board member since 2017. She was an approval officer with the Natural Resources Conservation Board from 2002 to 2010. Sandi served on town council for the Town of Carstairs from 2013 to 2017, acting as chair or as a member on numerous sub-committees, including the Policy and Governance Committee, the Municipal Planning Commission, and the Municipal Development Committee. She is currently project manager for the Olds College Teaching and Learning Centre of Innovation.

    Sandi is a member of several local boards, including the Mountain View Communities Adult Learning Society and the Subdivision and Development Appeals Board.

    She holds a Bachelor of Science in agricultural engineering, and is a professional engineer.

  • Peter Woloshyn (chair)

Peter was appointed chair of the Natural Resources Conservation Board in December 2017. He previously served as chief executive officer from 2006 until his appointment as chair.

Peter grew up on a forage and beef farm near Devon. He has an extensive background in agricultural policy, economics and research, with Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Agricultural Economics from the University of Alberta.

Before joining the Natural Resources Conservation Board in 2006, Peter worked for 22 years with Agriculture and Forestry (then Agriculture, Food and Rural Development). He joined the ministry's Resource Economics Branch in 1982, where he worked on economic analyses of agricultural land and resource use issues. As director of the Agricultural Research Division from 2003-2006, Peter was responsible for Alberta's livestock and crop research programs.
Peter also worked on secondment for two years with the Agricultural Financial Services Corporation, focusing on crop insurance and farm income programs, and the initial stages of a new private sector reinsurance arrangement for Alberta.

His interests include photography, hiking the North Saskatchewan River Valley and backpacking the Rocky Mountains with his family. 

Please see the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project page for more information on the NRCB public interest review of this project.