NRCB provisions for confined feeding of cow-calf herds during dry conditions

Posted on June 30, 2023 |

The NRCB recognizes that due to the current very dry conditions and poor grass pastures, summer feeding of cow-calf herds may be required. While this may be considered a confined feeding operation that requires a permit under normal conditions, due to the extenuating circumstances, the NRCB will not require producers to obtain permits, provided the following parameters are met:

  • manure must be managed according to Agricultural Operation Practices Act requirements,
  • areas used for cow-calf feeding must not pose a risk to surface water or groundwater quality,
  • the cow-calf herd returns to grazing when grass is available in 2024, and
  • the feeding area returns to its normal use.

If operators have any questions about confined feeding of the cow-calf herds during the grazing season due to drought conditions, contact Kevin Seward, NRCB Manager of Compliance at 403-331-0637.